RoadFit: The Best Glute Exercises

Hey y’all!

Everyone who knows me knows I put a high premium on having a nicely sculpted behind. Trust me, it isn’t an easy feat traveling so much. Long gone are the days when I could consistently go to Gold’s Gym North Hollywood and load up the leg press with 12 plates. Sometimes while on the road I don’t even have a gym!

Considering the fact that glute growth *demands* consistent work (I try and train them every 3 days), how do I do it? Well, I have had to expand my routine. I have compiled a diverse list of my favorite exercises so you can craft a personalized workout for yourself no matter the equipment available. (Hint: buy resistance bands). Enjoy!

And a bonus: a video of me getting it done in the Ritz hotel gym, doing my new favorite exercise of all time. Anyone want to help me name it?

Think I forgot something? Want to share your favorite exercise? Leave a comment! And download my full body Road Warrior Workout here.

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