The Tea: What its Really Like Dating (as) a Consultant: Part 1

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I figured I would publish a post on my favorite topic. Dating.

I started writing “The 5 Best Things About Dating (as) a Consultant”, but quickly realized that any list would be comically incomplete without all of the bad things that come with it. For those of you who follow my stories on Instagram, its no secret that my dating life can be a bit unconventional. From going to a wedding as a second date, to engagement style photo shoots with the Italian “vacation boyfriend” i’ll probably never see again… it certainly isn’t conventional. But it sure is fun to watch.

That being said, if I spill the tea, you better believe its gonna be the whole pot. I refuse to be the one to only tell one side of the story. So I wrote a different article, “What its Really Like Dating (as) a Consultant.”

The whole truth. Or at least most of it 😉

It starts with this story. I figure if I’m sharing my perspective, I probably owe you some context.

What its Really Like Dating (as) a Consultant: Part 1

During my first week of training as a new staff consultant, my orientation leader plainly said, “If you are in a relationship, you won’t be for long.”

Luckily, I was as single as it gets- I had been broken up with only 5 days before. *Woken up from a nap* might I add, just to be told by my boyfriend of 3.2 weeks that he didn’t think he could “give me what I want.”

I sank deeper into the air mattress, still half-asleep. Loathing the fact that this would be one of the first memories in my beautiful, unfurnished, apartment.

Maybe it was the gifts I had brought back from Southeast Asia and Australia not 24 hours before. Maybe it was the fact that for 3 of the 3.2 weeks we had been dating, I had been solo tripping through Southeast Asia and Australia. Either way, his reasoning baffled me. And it baffled me because when we met, I felt like for the first time in my life, I finally had everything I wanted.

No, not just need-


I had the job, the body, the friends… shit I had even pulled my weight in self-development books- and here was my last little puzzle piece with a face hot with tears, unable to reason even to himself why he didn’t think he could complete the picture.  

Whether or not that was the real reason, we’ll never know. He will never know *just* how much I got of what I want.

There are only two things I wish I would’ve known.

  1. That this wasn’t the last time a man would be worried about satisfying me


2. That I would get so much more of what I wanted than I could ever imagine.

I anticipated almost all of the following ways that consulting changed my dating life. But the *magnitude* of those changes… that is something I could have never understood.

How did it change? Well, here it is. Because frankly, had I known before, I would’ve known sweet Johnny could’ve never weathered it.

I figure if I can save at least one person from missing out on what would have been 3 unsupervised, opportunity-filled weeks abroad… I have done my job 😉

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