Pro Tips: 3 Drinks to Cure It All

I’m someone who always saw their immune system as quite resilient. Growing up I went three consecutive years without a sick day in school, and the only hospital trips I remember were a product of my general lack of spatial awareness. In fact, I used to test this theory. Kissing my sick boyfriend in high school or eating something after the expiration date didn’t scare me… see, I was biologically superior. Or so I thought.

My first year traveling was quite simply the “sickest year of my life.”

Strep twice. Flu thrice (yes, I got the shot). A sinus infection in Australia, one asthma attack, chronic bloating, and what seemed like perpetual tummy aches. And that’s without even addressing the hospital trips…

Travelers frequent some of the most notoriously germ-infested places. Admittedly, my lifestyle choices weren’t helping. Thank god I never consumed alcohol or recreational drugs, because my habits alone were threatening to put me in the ground.

I used an app to track my sleep over a four month period. I was averaging a whopping 5 hours. I lived off of hotdogs, drunken noodles, and Jamba Juice. Water was something I used to wash my clothes- I sure as hell wasn’t drinking it.

Clearly, I wasn’t making my body’s job any easier. And throwing it in the most germ-infested places simply pushed it over the edge.

After a particularly unpleasant hospital stay, I decided I was tired of getting sick, and resolved to change my behaviors. I started by identifying my three biggest issues:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Lack of Energy

The whole drinking water, getting sleep, and eating well thing didn’t come easy to me. I needed backup. So I came up with a plan to fortify my defenses. A collection of supplements fashioned into three tasty drinks. Here they are.

I encourage you to do research on the supplement brands and formulas that work best for your body. But to make life just a little bit easier, I made you a little cheat sheet that explains what each of the drinks do, as well as links to my favorite products. Now if that ain’t love…

What are they good for?

For Gut Health

  • Probiotic Powder – My digestive system needs all the friendly bacteria it can get!
  • Fiber Therapy – Constant flying + minimal water = dehydration & constipation. On top of keeping me ~regular~, it helps combat the dreaded travel bloat. I’ll be damned if I let a transcontinental flight come between me and my abs.
  • Greens Powder – Because I hate vegetables, and steak with bone marrow butter isn’t a sufficient substitution.

For Beauty & Strength

  • Collagen Peptides – The best gift I ever received. Great for cartilage, bones, joints, and SKIN! I can lift heavy weights and skip my foundation? What more could a girl want.
  • Protein Hot Chocolate– As someone who hates protein powder, I swear by this. The website also carries some other awesome flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Sugar Cookie, and Blueberry Cheesecake.
  • Biotin Powder – Also known as Vitamin B7! Well known for hair, skin, and nails health.

For Vitality

  • Energy Fizz Sticks – Coffee gives me a stomach ache, and this is the only alternative that works for me. I order them (along with a handful of other incredible supplements) from my good friend and Fairy Health Mother, Kelsey. Click the link to DM her- she’s agreed to give my readers a discount if they mention this article!
  • Emergen-C  – Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin C won’t keep you from getting sick. However, clinical trials have shown it can decrease the duration of common cold-like symptoms.
  • AirborneUnlike Emergen-C, Airborne also has an assortment of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.


Still not convinced? Got your own concoction you swear by? Let me hear about it in the comments! To subscribe and receive a free download of my fitness plan, click Road Warrior Workout in the top navigation menu. And as always, thanks for reading!




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