LOTW 1/28

Coat: Moon River

Why it stole the show: This coat made me feel like Olivia Pope on her way to save an inncent soul and then steal your man. One thing I appreciate is when longer, collared coats have more than one button but also hang open well. It gives me the choice of throwing on a circle scarf and bundling up, or putting a hand in my pocket as I walk to push it back and bless everyone in terminal A with visuals of me in a pencil skirt.

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Skirt: Ann Taylor

It is hard to see from the photo, but this skirt is textured. As someone who wears all black often, it adds a level of complexity to the outfit… which is otherwise basic thanks to its lack of color. Thick material that doesn’t wrinkle or ride up. What more can a girl ask for.

Here’s a look alike.

Shoes: Alibaba

Yaaaas hunny, I did! Though I should add that out of the four shoes I bought on the site, these are the only pair I actually wear. This was back in college when I didn’t have Loub funds to throw around and I had to get creative. After my close friend found some sexy thigh high lookalike Stuart Weitzman boots for $35…. I had to test my luck.

For me, the most important thing about a good work pump is heel height. These are a 3” block heel, which make them one of the highest (and therefore sexiest) shoes I feel comfortable walking through the airport in. The ankle tie adds stability, while still being easy to remove. Unlike my ankle strap heels with a buckle, I don’t need a full 3 minutes to get these bad boys on and off (blame the nails).

The listing for the shoe I purchased isn’t up anymore, but here’s the store I bought it from.

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