[Wardrobe] Lululemon Final Lap Crop – Guest Blogger Edition!

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This post is so special because I am doing something I have never done before. This is the first legging review to ever be featured on The Glo Up. So I thought it was only appropriate to go lulu (duh), and to give you all something entirely new


While some of us may just be here to find out which pants are gonna make our booty pop as we’re walking around town (CATCH you a man at the grocery store, I ain’t mad at you!), I know some of you all are all about the fitness lifestyle. I’d be fake AF if I didn’t say that If you are interested in fitness, nutrition, or looking at beautiful women, check out our guest blogger’s YouTube channel where she will bless you with some knowledge!!! 

So you may be thinking, “Another workout clothing review?”


My stats have shown that these lovely clothing reviews get 15x more views than any other content. What does that tell me?


(……It’s ok. Me too. And I have included a link to these pants at the bottom 😉 )

So in the spirit of giving the people what they want, I bring to you our first legging review! I hate to admit it, but napkin season is coming to an end. Well, at least if you don’t live in LA. And to those girls- it’s up to you. Keep the napkin dream alive. 

So here we go.

Meet: Caroline.


Iowa native, and overall badass woman. (#girlpower). She’s pretty much my soul sister– intelligent, ambitious, witty, and all about educating the people. Not to mention she’s a grade A ~fitness girl~. Former USA Powerlifting competitor before she dove into the books head-first to become the most passionate Registered Dietitian I know.

12112462_723088443791_5070346430429848475_n.jpgCan you say 5’3″ with a 300lb max squat?!?! 

Let’s do this! A review from the lady herself.

Lululemon Final Lap Crop Review


Cost: $118
Fabrics: Lycra and Nulux

While I am a diehard Wunder Under fan, I thought I would expand my horizons a bit when making a trip to Lululemon to purchase another pair of leggings. After feeling the new Align Pant fabric a few months ago I was sold, and figured the company had begun to create some items of apparel both fit for performance and feel-like- you’re-wearing-pajamas-all- day type comfort.

What’s Good:
I chose the Final Lap Crop because one, the color. I needed something other than boring black and so chose the next most boring yet practical color: grey. Or should I say, “dark carbon” to be exact.

Once I put them on, I immediately fell in love with the feel. The silky fabric just melted over my skin and felt incredibly soft. Movement is made easy when wearing these pants, and you feel breezy as if you’re wearing nothing. I am fairly short; 5’3” (ish) and so what’s branded as a crop, on me is more like a 7/8 length. Though I personally prefer this, I could see how this may be an issue for others. Normally I like to keep my tummy tucked in leggings, so a high waist is a plus for me. This pant takes high waist to a whole other level. Having a very short torso, the pant’s waistline hits right at the bottom of my rib cage, which I imagine could get uncomfortable if someone is slouched or doubled over.

Mid workout or work shift, however, I don’t notice this. Lululemon supposedly removed the inner inseam on the Final Lap crop to prevent chaffing. I just like that because less opportunity for pilling.
Let’s face it, we all like to snap a midworkout selfie or listen to our favorite cardio playlist on Spotify as we sweat to the last HIIT interval. The amazing pockets in lululemon’s latest pant designs make this possible! NOW I can finally listen to music AND squat heavy without having to stuff my iPhone 6 plus in my bra. Amen to reducing my chances of getting cancer and for being able to hit a major PR with Kendrick whispering in my ear.

What’s Not-So- Good:
Some of the negatives I see with this pant are possible opportunities for snagging. I already see a slight snag on the left side of this pant and am not sure how I managed to have that happen. If you weightlift, there is always potential to snag clothes on the knurling of the barbell, so I try to watch out for this. Another slight negative is the fact that this silky soft Nulux fabric tends to show cellulite at the base of the bum, especially with lighter colors. Thankfully I’m pretty set in the body positivity department