[Wardrobe] Lululemon Keep Score Bra Review

Your resident napkin authority is BACK!!

As you may have noticed, I am a lululemon addict. Am I a slave to their marketing and brand integrity? Yes. Do I care about that whatsoever??


I spent the majority of the summer waiting impatiently for lulu to put out some damn napkins. And all at once they released some that I couldn’t say no to. Plus, I wanted to review this for you guys.

*excuses excuses*

Look at some of the online photos and tell me you wouldn’t have pulled the trigger… like come on.

Shipping took less than a week but the tops came in some tasteless trash packaging. Wrinkles everywhere!

Bring on the photos! (The packaging was horrible. Do better, lulu.)


unnamed-2.jpg^^is it just me, or is this lowkey Emily Blunt?



Overall Appearance. What I love so much about this top is that it is distinctively sporty. Simplistic, but the mesh backing screams “athlete” and not “I’m thirsty in the gym w this crop top holla at ya girllll.” The high neck also contributes to the mood of this top. We all love a little stomach, but sometimes I can feel over the top if I pair it with cleavage. I appreciate any crop top that makes me feel comfortable wearing it in almost all athleisure-appropriate arenas. It’s strength is that it isn’t casual. I can get away with wearing my lulu arise crop with a jean skirt at a bar, but if I were to show up in this top I’m pretty sure people would think “uhm… the gym is that way.” Anywhere you wear it, people will assume you are either on your way to or coming from a workout. I’m a fan of that.


unnamed-4.jpg^^ look at that gorgeous mesh!

Color. At first I was hurt that this wasn’t offered in a third color (ahem ahem, OLIVE), but ultimately the classic black and white has been more than enough for me. The white is a TRUE white, which makes it easy to pair with virtually any color bottoms. When I bought this I was actually contemplating buying a white high waisted pant to go with it. I think white on white is so sexy. Still, I cant give a 5/5 to something I would classify as a basic. Everyday I become more attractive to distinctive pieces. While it looks great, it isn’t particularly memorable.


Material. One thing I will say is that if you wear the white, you MUST use the bra inserts. I’m not one to shy away from a little nip (yeah, I said it), but a tight white top with no bra is obscene in ~le south~. I am sure you could get away with it somewhere, but unfortunately I don’t live in one of those places. One downside of the material is that it is NOT sweat wicking. I don’t care what they say. It doesn’t dry quickly. It is also so tight and thick that it would be unbearable to keep on for any period of time after a sweaty workout. On the other hand, it is incredibly durable. I don’t panic about messing up the fabric like I do with other lulu products.


Fit. While it is true to size, this is not a loose top. It can be tight on the lats which I can imagine would make it slightly uncomfortable if you are a bodybuilder.  But because it is so tight, it is amazing for running. I don’t typically go for compressive clothing, but this is a sure fire winner in terms of crop tops for high impact sports. The material is great for certain activities but not particularly comfortable.


Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 3.40.33 PM.png

Price. I bought each top for $58. Pretty damn steep. But in comparison to the seamless Adidas crop I bought for $60, this has much more to offer. This top is expensive even in the context of other lulu products. I think the value (all things considered) is around $45. But with lulu you know you are paying for the brand name. STILL $58 IS TOO MUCH!!!!!!


Performance. As I stated before, this top is great for running.  Interestingly enough, I wore this top when I completed in my triathlon. I was able to seamlessly transition from the swim to the bike and run. Which gave me an idea… WEAR IT AS A BATHING SUIT TOP!!! And that is exactly what I did in Vegas. Sure, tan lines are kinda weird, but in terms of bathing suits the white is unique, sexy, and SASSY! You be the judge.

unnamed-1.jpg^^don’t mind my morning face. Shine bc SUNSCREEN!!!


Remarks. When it comes to fitness clothing, I am hard to impress. At the very least lulu could have tried harder with the packaging. The price for this top is pretty steep. The material is sturdy and the look is sporty yet tasteful. I can wear this in virtually any situation, but the material makes me less likely to wear this as athleisure. Would I buy two again for the same price? Probably not. But I would definitely give this as a gift to a fitness enthusiast. If I had to do it again I would just buy the white. This top has a place in my closet but isn’t the first one I reach for. I’m not in love with it. Which is why I am giving it a…



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