[Fitness] Booty Building Fundamentals Pt. 2

If  you have read Part 1 then you have seen my transformations and know the first two rules you must abide by when booty building. Now it is time to round out the list so you can finish reading as a booty building expert. 


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A big butt is a big butt. But you know what makes your favorite fitness models look like they have really big butts? Their proportions. Take Jessica Arevalo for example.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 5.38.59 PM.png

She was one of my first fitness idols, so naturally I was beyond excited to see her at the LA Fit Expo. She’s brilliant, gorgeous, hard working, and her story is truly inspiring. Here’s a photo of her from around that time.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 5.36.28 PM.png

Like wow. “If I could just get my butt that big…”, I thought. But the day of the Expo came, and when I saw her I wasn’t elated. I was upset. Very upset.

Her butt was small! And by small I mean it could fit in the palm of my hand. WTF?!?! She wasn’t photoshopping, I mean had I missed something”?

Yeah. I had. I’m 5’9″, she’s barely 5′ tall. I thought, “I already have more than that much muscle on my butt!” And I did! But in photos, that means absolutely nothing. It is your waist-to-glute ratio that counts. I’m not knocking her or any others like her because lord knows how hard she had to and continues to work for her physique. It doesn’t happen on accident. But don’t hate me because I do have to say for all my long legged girls out there…

Tall girls have it harder. 

*everyone under 5’5 unsubscribes*

We have to put on more muscle to look the same. To add 1 inch to their glutes, a 5’2″ girl has to add objectively less muscle than a 5’8″ girl. Period. And unfortunately tall girls don’t have some super special muscle building chemical that makes it easier. That is why you won’t find nearly as many tall fitness models. Paige Hathaway? 5′ 4″. Michelle Lewin? 5’5″. If you are tall, don’t be discouraged. Work hard and make Karina Elle your idol.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 5.55.45 PM.pngslaying at 5’11”

So how do girls of all heights achieve those magical proportions? Live by this motto: Big booty, small waist. (The way to really knock them out of the park is by adding a pair of big lats to the game). But for those uninterested in a bigger upper body, direct your attention back to your butt and waist. With all that said, someone PLEASE tell me why people hear that and immediately grab a medicine ball and start super setting their squats with weighted Russian Twists?!?



Not only is that not the best way to train your obliques, it does probably the opposite of what half of the people doing it think it does. Here’s an interesting concept: YOUR ABS ARE MUSCLES. You know what happens when you train a muscle with weight? It gets bigger. So now that we know that having a smaller waist gives you the illusion of a bigger booty, we should probably remove this from our exercise list. Look, training abs is important. But how you do it is just as important. When I was a novice powerlifter putting 250 lbs on my back and deadlifting 340, it was kinda imperative that I have a strong core. But I also wasn’t particularly concerned about the size of my waist.

People think that because I had super cut abs while bodybuilding, I must have trained them all the time. Guess what: In the last year of bodybuilding I barely trained abs, if at all. First off, the way your abs look aka their shape is largely genetic. I have a wide waist, doesn’t matter how cut I get. At 10% bf my waist was still 28″. This means I have badass obliques, but in turn really have to work to make my proportions look nice. 42″ glutes with a 28″ waist looks the same as 39″ glutes with a 25″ waist. Sucks for us wide bodied girls, but you just gotta work with what you got. Bottom line: girls with smaller waists look like they have bigger butts even when their butts are objectively smaller. Training abs won’t give you a smaller waist, but a big booty will give you the illusion that it is.

bootybuilding fundamentals 5 (1).png

I think *most* people know that they should be training their glutes at least 2 times a week. When tell them I train my glutes more frequently than that, they say “3 times a week? When? Monday, Wednesday, Friday?”


Allowing your body to recover is imperative in muscle building. IMPERATIVE! One day off is not adequate rest. So then what do you do? How can you possibly allow for more rest while training glutes more often than 2 times a week?

Stop thinking about your exercises according to weeks. 

Who said you need a 7 day split?? Sure it is easier for us to imagine “Ok, so I do back & bis Monday and Thursday, glutes on Tuesday and…” Nope. In my experience, a 7 day split never worked for me while booty building. What works far better is a 3 day split. Any lifter is familiar with the tried and true 3 day split: Push, Pull, Legs. I always need at least 2 full days of recovery before hitting glutes again. Sometimes more, but never less. So let’s compare a month cycle of your 7 day split vs. my 3 day split. I hit legs 10 times. You hit legs 8 times. Boom

Splits are highly personal. If you are focused on other muscle groups besides your glutes, 3 day splits might not be for you. There were times where back alone had a whole day. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 6.19.25 PM.pngand it showed.


But if your primary goal is your butt, a 3 day split is the way to go.


bootybuilding fundamentals 5.png

When is the last time you saw a self-proclaimed bodyweight fitness expert with a nice big round booty? Hint: never. Let’s take possibly the most famous “at-home exercise” bodyweight fitness icon. Kayla Itsines.


Amazing physique, but 100% not what I’m going for. See, I’m not talking about a simple trim and lift. I’m talking about putting on inches. Pushing your legging’s seams to the max and possibly going up a size in spandex.

Squat jumps? Do them holding a dumbbell at your chest. Glute bridges? Throw a barbell across that waist and get liftin. See, it isn’t that I don’t do what we typically think of as bodyweight exercises, it’s that you have to add extra stimulus in there. Here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 2.29.47 PM.png

Box step ups. Great exercise. But then you take it up a notch- add a reverse lunge. Then take it up another notch- throw a barbell on your back.

Disclaimer: start slow. If you have never lifted before this exercise probably isn’t the best place to start. But once you have your fundamentals down, this is the level you should be working to.


So there you have it folks! If you enjoyed this article subscribe or follow below, because my actual booty building routines are to follow!


Happy lifting, and BGOD.

(again, Booty Gains or Die)

Queen V



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