[Skincare] 4 Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

When I first dove into skincare, my first thought was “What products and potions can I use to fix this thing?!?” Essentially, what can I add to my routine to give myself that million dollar glow I crave? What I came to realize was that anything new I could add would have minimal effectiveness if I didn’t stop these bad skin behaviors. Since I care about you all I have included links galore! To additional information, links to purchase products, and other informative articles and blog posts. So dive deep, because there is nothing like waking up to see a clear smooth face when you look in the mirror. Enjoy!

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If you didn’t know, the skin surface of your face is actually acidic! (Don’t believe me? Check out this article). The low pH of your face makes it less bacteria friendly. In order to keep it that way, you should  be using a low-pH cleanser. The importance of a low pH cleanser cannot possibly be addressed in this post, but if you want to dive deeper into it, give this amazing angelic skin wise fairy’s blog a closer look. (And get lost in there while you’re at it. Good stuff.) Oh, and this should be your second cleanser. That’s right. If you don’t know why you need a first cleanser or what it is, check my post Asian Beauty 101.

What you need to know for now? Check the pH of your cleanser. Consider swapping IMMEDIATELY REPLACE it with a tried and true low pH one and thank me later. Some of my favorites are CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser (especially great for dry or sensitive skin), and the SU:M 37 Rose Cleansing Stick.

sum37-miracle-rose-cleansing-stick.jpgI mean…do you really need an excuse to buy a facial cleanser this gorgeous?

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You are continuously introducing new and often harmful bacteria to your face. Think about all of the surfaces you touch during the day. Door handles. Elevator buttons. Steering wheel. Cell phone. When is the last time you used a disinfectant on your steering wheel or your cell phone? Think about those surfaces that are touched by other people. I hate to do this to you guys, but sometimes the truth hurts… Did you know that only approximately 65% of women and 32% of men wash their hands after using the restroom? Fecal bacteria is constantly being transferred out of bathrooms. In one study, hygiene experts in the UK discovered that 26% of the tested hands were contaminated with fecal material and 11% were grossly contaminated. !!!!!! WTF GUYS!!!!!! Obviously your skin has normal bacterial flora. But the wrong bacteria on your face can mean bad news.

You say you don’t touch your face a lot? The majority of us rest our head on your hands at some point of the day. Moral of the story, wash your damn hands. You are on the right track giving your hands a quick wash before you take your hands to your brilliant money-maker, but the soap you use before you do so is important too. Thats right, your flowery bed and body works or Meyer’s soap isn’t great for your face skin. My tip- before you touch your face, wash your hands with your face soap. 

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And I’m not talking about some super special Egyptian silk $50 piece of cloth, I just mean a towel you use for your face and nothing else. I can’t stress this enough. It seems so intuitive but it is a mistake I made for the majority of my adolescent life. Not only was my face towel not clean, but I used my bath towel to dry my face. As someone who hates having their face wet (idk, its weird, I know…) the first thing I do when I get out of the shower is RUB THAT THANG DRY!!! I hate to break it to you, but just because you finished cleaning your body doesn’t mean your bath towel is completely clean. The majority of people aren’t exfoliating every day, and lets not forget some of the places you dry with your towel… like srsly. Think about it.

So once I started being good to my skin, I did what I thought was right and got a nice little face towel and put it by my sink. “Dry the body, then dry the face”, I thought. Well what I didn’t notice was all the times I stepped into the bathroom to wash my hands and thoughtlessly used my pristine little towel by the sink to dry my hands. That’s a no-no. Get yourself a face towel- it is possibly the easiest way to step up your skincare game.

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hope you are washing your face well enough that when you dry it, you aren’t smudging the remnants of your makeup off onto the towel. (If that is a problem for you, think about getting an oil cleanser. Better than any Neutrogena eye makeup remover you ever bought.) After only a couple of uses, your towel has millions of your skin cells on it. Millions!! If you fail to wash it, you’re putting bacteria right back onto your clean face which has a bunch of nasty consequences, including clogging pores and exacerbating acne.

Some people are more strict than others on what constitutes a “clean” face towel. Ideally,  they should be changed every use. Guess who is going to do that? None of us. Some people change them every 3 days. I on the other hand, can’t be bothered to do laundry very often so for a while I would go a good 5 days with the same face towel. Remember, you shouldn’t be using it as a hand towel! But something else to think about- I live with my partner. Which means more often than not we use the same face towel. Doesn’t matter if I put out a face towel specifically for him, it just seems to happen. (Not. The end. Of the world.) With that in mind, remember that how often you change your face towel should be directly proportional to how often you use it. 2 people on the same towel? Wash it twice as frequently as you would. If you are someone like me that has a sweaty workout or swims every day (sometimes both in one 24 hour period) and you have to wash your face multiple times a day, wash your towel more often. And to the people saying “uuGggHhhhhh but I haaaate laundryyyy.” Buy another face towel. Or 2. Or 4 in my case. (You can get them for $3.39 at Target…) Pro tip: buy different colored towels so you don’t get confused about which one you have been using.  


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