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Yaaasssssss people I’m back! And this time with even more napkins.


First things first, if it is your first time with us we’re gonna need you to start here. Can’t be in the dark not knowing what napkins are- it’s like…a rite of passage.

For those of you up to speed on the napkin game, welcome back. I have not one, but three treats for you.

It seems like the clothing gods have been answering my prayers, because as of April, just about every notable athletic retailer realized that the money is in the crop tops! Give the people what they want!! In rapid succession last month, Adidas released 3 different crops. And I am talking true napkins- not any of that long-line sports bra mess. So as your resident authority on anything crop, I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to review some for you guys. Previous to this season, it has been rare for Adidas to release anything cropped, and the pieces they do release get sold out very quickly. Take the techfit long sleeve crop top for example:

techfit top collage.pngtotally choked and missed this one- tried to squeeze in a medium but the sleeves weren’t having it. Still not over it.

But here is what Adidas is doing that other brands aren’t. They are making shirts- that is, you have to wear a sports bra under them. And that isn’t just me saying “oh you have to wear a bra or you will nip! eek!” No, most of the crop tops they have released actually have zero support on their own and were made as a top layer. Hmph. You all know how I feel about built in sports bras (Hint: they are the best thing ever), so I was a bit apprehensive making these purchases. But I have been pleasantly surprised in the past, so I figured why not! Let’s give it a shot.


adidas crop top review banner.png

Before we get started, keep these things in mind.

  1. My size. For reference, I am 5’9″ with a 29/30″ waist and a 34″ chest. For these three tops I bought a medium.
  2. Adidas sizing chart:

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 5.34.39 PM.png


Crop #1: Speed Crop Top 

adidas crop 1 collage 2.png

Price. $35.

Overall Appearance. When I saw this top online, I thought it looked a bit boring but was only convinced to buy it because of the vertical mesh paneling in the back. It is simple. Not at all a standout piece. Understated. Perfect to pair with patterned leggings or a brightly colored sports bra for a pop of color. This is essentially the top you wear with the other clothes that don’t seem to match anything.

Color. I would have loved to see a more sheer mesh paneling in the back or paneling in a different color. It blends in with the rest of the top so it is barely noticeable. But that might not be the case for lighter skin tones. And depending on what bra you wear, you might not see your skin through the panel.

Material. 70% recycled polyester / 19% polyester / 11% elastane interlock

It is Adidas climacool material which allows for breathability and wicks sweat. While I think the material is good quality, it is pretty boring. Since the crop is so plain, I would expect more from the material itself in order to give it some character. But alas, absolutely no texturing. It feels durable and you shouldn’t w

Fit. This is a tough one, because you need a padded sports bra underneath to give it some structure, but it makes it uncomfortable. There are two layers to the material which make it relatively thick. The length is perfect, and you won’t have to worry about it riding up. I love the wide waistband and stitching to cut up the long line of the top. Waistband is slightly fitted but durable. You shouldn’t have to worry about it stretching out.

Performance. The material and cut are ideal for a sweaty workout. Think: spinning class. Had I worn a thinner sports bra underneath, I could see myself wearing it for high intensity exercise. If you want to wear anything padded, you will have limited mobility.

Remarks. This top is okay; nothing special. A nice neutral addition to the wardrobe but I would never tell my girlfriends they had to buy one before the sell out.


Crop #2: Marble Speed Crop Tank Top

adidas crop 2 collage.pnglul had to include bottom left… shoutout to my sponsor, strategic lighting.

Price. $40.

Overall Appearance. White on white paneling works so well, especially because it lets the black adidas logo stand out. It isn’t form flattering per se because it doesn’t really enhance anything. It is a nice little statement piece though, which is hard to come by in fitness apparel. The most common “standout pieces” we see come in the form of super strappy bras and loud colors. Perfect length. Can be worn as a shirt and is an ideal athleisure top.

Color. Out of all of the attempts at marble patterned clothing I have seen so far, this is the only one that works. What elevates this from a basic level is the double marble contrast- white on black top with black on white band. People seem to love it, but I’m not sure I want to be wearing the same pattern that so many girls have on their swell water bottles and macbook covers. Cute for now, but marble is already played out… I don’t see this having a long career in my closet.

Material. 70% recycled polyester / 19% polyester / 11% elastane interlock

This material is exactly the same as the last top. However, the pattern necessitated a smooth textured material so I think it works well in this case.

Fit. Same as the previous top.

Performance. This is the exact same top as the previous crop, with the exception of the color. So, I think it would be well suited for sweaty exercise classes (but no yoga due to the rigid nature of the top). Since it is so bold, I could see this as an exclusively athleisure piece.

Remarks. Okay I’ll just say it… it’s modest. And I don’t love that! But it is a great entry-level crop for those of you just now working your way into showing a little skin. This top sold out quickly because of the marble pattern, which is precisely why I am not in love with it. Still, I appreciate that it isn’t boring and commands attention. If you can get down with the marble, then I am sure this would be at least a 7/10 for you.



Crop #3: Warp Knit Crop Top

adidas crop 3 collage.png

Price. $60. Woah. The Arise Lulu tank I reviewed costs less than this. I’m going to have to come back to this in the remarks section.

Overall Appearance. I have absolutely fallen in love with this top. The tiny mesh holes and tight fit are so sexy, but the high cut neck makes it reasonable. My favorite out of the three by far. I could see myself wearing this on a weekly basis. The white adidas logo on the back paired with the subtle three stripes add a much needed accent. Not all skintight clothes are flattering, but this top definitely is.

Color. It does not get any better than a textured black top let me TELL YOU. They have an almost identical bra in grey and orange! If I wasn’t so dedicated to having an all-black closet I would have bought grey as well. Upside of other colors: you can see the textured material and mesh holes better. Downside: I am afraid it would look a little cheap. Which is something you do not want from a $60 top!!

Material. 76% nylon / 24% elastane seamless

So incredibly flattering. Stretchy and TIGHT! I am dying to try the warp knit leggings!!! Breathable and not scratchy so chafing isn’t an issue.

Fit. Like a glove. Extremely compressive. Only issue is that there is absolutely no room for a sports bra underneath, in spite of the fact that the model is wearing one in the photo online. For larger chested girls, you would have to size up. My chest isn’t that large but the compression alone isn’t enough support for me to feel comfortable going for a run in this. Granted, I could definitely fit into a large but the whole allure of this top is that it is so skintight. A bra would ruin the sleek look.

Performance. This is where I am stumped. What in the world did they intend this for? I am surprised they call it a top and not a bra. Especially because it hits a good 2 inches higher on my waist than the other two crop tops. Still cannot believe they expect anyone to wear a bra under this. Well, if you are able to pull that off then this is suitable for just about everything. Running, weight lifting, yoga… it is breathable, will keep you cool, and so so cute!!

Remarks. It pains me that they don’t have a navy or white version because I am in love with this top. Cute? Yes. Functional? Yes. Worth $60? Absolutely not. If there was ever a napkin, this is it. Literally one piece of mesh cloth. If this was $40 I would give it close to a 10/10. But it is too simple to warrant spending that much. Also, this top isn’t friendly to all body types.



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