[The Tea] Why You Need to Get Over the Word Diet

Boys and girls, it is about time we all get over our issues with the word diet. And before you get your panties into a bunch, take some deeeeeep breaths. You’re gonna be ok.

I said deep breaths!!!

I have read so many ranty articles titled “Why I Hate The Word Diet”. They argue that diet implies something fleeting and temporary, and that often what people really need are complete lifestyle overhauls.

And I agree with the fact that all too often people attempt to make short drastic changes versus altering their habits in a way that will produce long-term success. But the word diet isn’t to blame. The fault lies in the fact that people are unwilling to educate themselves (hello- the internet) on what successful lifestyle changes really look like. Ask yourself a question- Do people really believe Skinny Bunny Tea will help them lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks, or are they just betting on the off chance it does so they don’t have to put in the real work?

Instagram, unrealistic body standards, and deceptive advertising are all to blame. Yes. But information is available now in a way that gives us no excuse for falling for these cop outs. And let’s take a quick second to actually look at the definition of the word diet…

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 3.47.10 PM.png

Notice how it says food in all 3 definitions? And not exercise? Or sleeping patterns… or supplementation… or water intake? So remind me again why people are upset that the word diet doesn’t address every aspect of a “lifestyle overhaul”?

Here’s their problem- they are sensitive. Not only that, but a good portion of the people upset that diet isn’t representative of all of the measures necessary to get in better shape are the same ones looking for a fix-all solution.

Well let’s get something straight. Getting lean for summer is a temporary eating pattern. I truly hope you all aren’t trying to stick to a calorie deficit 365 days of the year. Cutting for a show is a temporary eating pattern. Even bulking is (or should be, you damn permabulkers…) a temporary eating pattern. Some things are unhealthy when done long term, but completely acceptable for a period of time. Just because something is temporary doesn’t make it bad.

People argue, “Stability, stability, stability!!! Don’t do anything you can’t do forever!!!” Fighting for a very long-term weight loss goal is amazing, and one of the most difficult and respectable wellbeing endeavors one can take on. But that generally isn’t what I am talking about in “3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Lean Yet”. Even losing 75+ lbs requires consistent modifications in one’s diet. You aren’t a machine. You adapt, and your diet should adapt with you.

The fear is that people- who have been lied to by ads for “miracle pills” and celebrity weight loss transformations that are actually surgeries- will crash diet attempting to lose a ton of weight in an unhealthy way and in an unrealistic time frame. We have all been there before. (Me, senior year before prom eating 1 solid meal of chicken tenders and fruit snacks for 3 days before being like SIKE i’ll just tailor my dress to make it bigger…).

But I urge everyone that cringes a little bit every time they read the word diet to simply get over it. Do some research. Realize that the part of us that is upset with the word is spiteful because at some point we fell prey to and were disappointed by a diet that promised the impossible. It is on you to be able to tell a good diet from a bad diet. If we shut down every time we read or hear a term we don’t like, we will likely miss some of the valuable insight sprinkled in the majority of the BS we are fed.

Be a badass. Arm yourself with information so that the next time someone tries to feed you some fake pseudoscience garbage you can say:

“That isn’t a diet, that’s a joke.”


Much love,

Queen V


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