[Wardrobe] Gymshark Flex Legging Review

I have been following Gymshark since they really came on the scene in 2013. They are an online retailer based out of the UK that sponsor some serious fitness celebrities. Some of their athletes include Steve Cook, Nikki Blackketter, Matt Ogus, and Karina Elle. Their most popular product by far is their “Flex Legging” that I am reviewing. I have been wanting to buy a pair for about as long as I have known about them. But with such a big following, they sell out almost immediately after release, and don’t restock as often as we all would like. Though they only retail for $38, people resell the hard-to-find pants for up to $80!!!! It wasn’t until my friend Taylor showed up in the gym with them one day that I decided it was time to finally try the famous Gymshark Flex Leggings.

Shipping took less than a week, I was thoroughly impressed. They showed up in this super cute packaging- first impressions are everything!gymshark packaging.png

Before we get started, keep these things in mind.

  1. My size. For reference, I am 5’9″ with a 29/30″ waist. I wear size 8 jeans. If bottoms come in S/ M/ L, I almost always get L. However, for these pants I got a medium.
  2. In Queen V’s world, leggings are pants. I review them as such.

Overall Appearance

These leggings will get you noticed. It is no secret that the contrast stamping on this legging is meant to make your booty look bigger. It most definitely does, which is EVERY GIRL’S DREAM. My only qualm is that the contrast of the blue leggings is so dramatic that I feel almost embarrassed wearing these as athleisure pants. I mean lifting people know Gymshark, but when I walked into Whole Foods prior to my workout I kept thinking “jeez…. these are a little much.” Coming from a napkin-wearing, midriff-flaunting woman that is saying a lot! The purple/grey on the other hand is just subtle enough to work. I love the big branded waistband, and the leggings are super form flattering. However, if your butt isn’t big enough to create contrast on it’s own, the stamping looks like a ridiculous big light square on your behind. Super super cute, but not suitable for all and not for the faint of heart. 3.5/5.

gymshark collage.png(btw, that’s not a napkin. Long line bra, people. There’s a difference!)


My goodness the blue is STUNNING. There is a brightness to it that makes it flattering on really any complexion. I love the purple. It is ashy, muted, and understated, which makes it a perfect entry-level color for someone who has a hard time buying clothes in any color besides black. They really killed it in this area- all of the colors they have except black are marled, so not only are they unique but they aren’t “too much”. I haven’t found any other leggings with similar colors. 5/5


The material is suuuuuuper stretchy!!! Size down if you can. You can actually feel that it is woven, and has tiny holes for ventilation. the material itself is very thin, so don’t expect to wear these out in the winter. (Buy Nike Pro Hyperwarm instead!!!) Another positive is that you don’t have to fuss with delicate washing like w/ Lulu and some Alo pants. However, the stitching at the waistband is entry-level so I wonder how well they would hold up over time. Also, they’re not particularly soft so you wouldn’t catch me lounging around in the house in them. Finally, they are thin and I prefer thicker material. 3/5


These were made with a athletic body in mind, and it shows. This is a mid-rise pant. Since I am relatively tall for a size medium, the waist band sat right below my belly button. No bunching at the ankles. What I love is that the waistband is tight, so it not only stays up, but keeps the pants taut throughout the crotch area. It is a skintight fit but by no means compressive in any way. Since the actual legging and waistband are different materials, it will definitely fall down a bit if the band isn’t tight enough at your waist. 4/5.

A look at the purple leggings.gymshark collage 2.png (now this is a napkin! shhh, review coming soon! I just may have more colors to show you guys too..)


$38. YOU 👏🏾  CANT 👏🏾  BEAT 👏🏾  THAT 👏🏾 . Free shipping from Gymshark on orders over $75. Just beware, they ship from the UK and don’t pay for return shipping so get it right the first time! 5/5


I would give these the go ahead for squatting because they allow for a lot of mobility and the waistband is tight. Watch out though- in the wrong lighting they may be see throughThese are perfect for doing sprints or indoor cardio work. Not quite compressive enough and a little too bold to wear them to a workout class (barre, barrys, kickboxing, etc.) Obviously the gymshark flex leggings work as general gym pants (think: upper body days) and as leisure pants. 3/5


Buy these pants if you want a super cute pic for the gram or you want your booty to pop. If you are on the smaller end of your usual size, size down. Think through your color choice. Other than that, these are not performance leggings. If I was still bodybuilding, I would be wearing these in the gym as often as I could. However, I would never choose these leggings for an outdoor run, I would never wear them as athleisure, I would never spin in them, and I would never wear them to any type of workout class. I probably wouldn’t even choose them for a leg day because they aren’t quite high-waisted enough for me. Still, clothing appearance goes a long way with me and these pants are undoubtedly as a whole the best ones you will find under $40. Would not purchase again, but can understand why people like them.


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