[Beauty] Does the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Live Up to the Hype?

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I’m the type of girl that usually rocks one of three looks.

  1. The “I don’t want to look like I’m wearing makeup”
  2. The “I want to look like I’m barely wearing makeup”
  3. And the “I want to look like I’m wearing makeup without you knowing I just spent an hour literally reconstructing my face” 

This palette is great because it works for 2 & 3!! I love to use the bold colors for going out at night (these colors are PERFECT for summer time!), and I use the golds and light oranges as my everyday shadow. Here’s one of my most ~iconic~ uses of this palette. Yaaaass.

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^^^ My daytime version of surgery-free facial reconstruction^^^


The Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a 14 warm color palette with a range of pinks, reds, and oranges. There is about a half/half split between shimmer and matte colors, with most of the shimmer being in the silvery pink & gold color family. It comes with a dual edged eyeshadow brush. When this came out last summer it sold out pretty much overnight (much like ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit this year). I know girls who hunt makeup the same way sneaker heads sit online waiting for the new colorway drop. Seemed like a lot of hype to me, but I had to know what it was all about before making a judgment call.

With most “brand name” palettes going for ~$40 a pop (this one is $42), they can seem like a big commitment. I can admit without shame that I can be a sucker for branding, ESPECIALLY makeup. As someone that only goes “all out” with makeup maybe once a week, I expect to have my makeup for a long time. Might as well choose something pretty to look at! Another positive of buying into popular makeup brands is that you will find and endless number of tutorials and looks on YouTube for their products.

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What I like:

  • Packaging. The palette itself is adorable and covered in what is almost like a light pink suede. Super soft! The magnet that holds the palette closed is strong and it has never accidentally opened in my bag. Also, it is sturdy and the eyeshadow wells aren’t too close to the edge of the palette so I have confidence that if it had a short fall to the ground that the eyeshadows wouldn’t shatter inside. (UNLIKE MY DAMN BECCA HIGHLIGHTER THAT CRUMBLED BEFORE MY EYES…)
  • The brush. This might be my favorite thing about this palette!! It is dual edged, one side for more blending & the other for precision. High quality, perfect length and brush size, easy to use, fits it’s little opening perfectly and doesn’t fall out.
  • Colors. I have been searching for a palette with a range of oranges. I bought the Kylie Royal Peach Palette looking for the same thing and was HORRIBLY DISAPPOINTED because I failed to notice that it came with blues and greens alongside the overpigmented oranges!?!? This palette doesn’t have that problem. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of color diversity, the colors can all be used together.
  • Shimmer! The shimmer shades are gorgeous. hate when people put glitter eyeshadows in palettes because the glitter flakes are gigantic and it is more difficult to achieve a blended look. These are teensy weensy little sparkles!
  • Long lasting. Especially the shimmer shades. Colors with sparkles have tendencies to *magically disappear* over the day. The eyeshadows are vibrant and stay put.
  • Minimal Fallout. Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere and decide at the last second to throw on some eyeshadow? And then it falls out on your cheeks. And ruins everything. Yeah. This palette doesn’t have that problem!


What I don’t like

  • Number of colors. Some of the colors are so similar, I would have rather had bigger wells of other eyeshadows instead of so many colors.
  • Mattes can be chalky. Explains itself. I want a more creamy feel from my matte shadows.


Overall: 8/10. I think it lives up to the hype!! Would get a 7/10 if it wasn’t for the amazing brush. Still can’t give it a full 10/10 because there are too many light pinks for me- I would have loved a deeper orange option without the red “brick” look. Dying to try the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette for comparison!!

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Renaissance look

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