[Wardrobe] Adidas Originals Retro Backpack

Everyone needs a black athletic bag. More importantly, a black athletic backpack. If you wear athleisure as much as I do, you know how awkward it can feel carrying a purse in workout tights and running shoes. I bought this bag in anticipation of the Arnold Sports Convention. I knew I would be getting a ton of samples and need a place to put my jacket as I obsessively flipped between wanting to look cute and being absolutely freezing in the convention center.

The Adidas Originals Retro Backpack is a medium sized bag with a faux-leather outside. A lot of thought went into choosing this bag. The first requirement was size. It is big enough for a packed lunch, laptop, and big sweatshirt, but not a full blown Jansport “carry every book you ever owned” size. I didn’t want any backpack that could be called mini.

The second requirement was its method of opening. It is a very simple one zipper open for both the large and small pouch. I needed something that was easy to get open and closed, so no buckles, and I hate velcro. The zipper is smooth and I haven’t had any trouble with it catching or jamming up. Another positive- because the bag is sturdy and the zipper only opens the top half of the bag, you can hold it with one hand and open with the other without worrying about the contents of your bag spilling out.

The third requirement was appearance, of course. I specifically wanted a bag from an athletic brand with a large visible logo. I needed something black but not boring. The white piping gives it the retro pop that set it apart from the other bags I looked at. The leather look makes it a little edgy, but the bold white original adidas logo reaffirms it as athletic. Literally the epitome of athleisure.

In my opinion, this bag is a little too “polished looking” to be a gym bag. That is, unless your diva is on 1000. In which case, excuse me. I haven’t found much use for it since wearing it to the conference, but it does work as a to-fro bag. Think: bringing 4 outfit options to get ready at your girlfriends house. The straps don’t seem super strong so I wouldn’t recommend making a workhorse out of it, but it is the perfect backpack addition to a highly athletic wardrobe.

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Here are some photos:

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.12.29 PM.pngIMG_7566.jpg


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