[Wardrobe] Lululemon Arise Tank Review

People. The day has come.  A sleeveless lulu crop top!

*sounds the bells*

I’m always on the hunt for new napkins. See, you can buy a cotton crop shirt anywhere. And I ain’t knocking them because I own more than a few, and they look damn good. But ever since I bought Napkin 1.0, I have a new requirement that I just cant live without.

A built in bra. 

Damn straight! For one, matching crop and bra colors is a pain. In spite of my allegiance to the color black, I have somehow ended up with an array of lime green, magenta, and unusually patterned sports bras. Second, you have to take into account the strap compatibility. I am not too proud to say that I rarely show up to the gym in some afterthought of an outfit. Blame the fact that I don’t get out much, or I have spent too much on workout clothes to not get my moneys worth. In any event, how awful is it to put on a cute racerback top, just to have your sports bra’s boring conventional straps cut up the view of your well built traps? Nu-uh. Not for me.

Having roots in lifting, it never really occurred to me to look into yoga gear. If you think about it, lifting isn’t really high impact. I have learned a couple lessons about wearing yoga tanks on runs, but if I’m in the gym hitting shoulders, theres no reason i need “extra support”.

So when I saw this top online, I just about cried. It seems like Lulu waits to release all the good stuff at one time. For example, the long sleeve version of this top that came out the same day. Sweetie, long sleeves? Do u think I may have wanted to get that in.. i dunno.. THE WINTER?! Do you know I only get paid twice a month?

*buys it anyway*

So this is what I love about the tank:

  • True to size- I am a true online shopper, so I hate when brands make something that runs drastically smaller or larger than usual. I am a size 8 in virtually all Lulu, and the size 8 fits perfectly.
  • Stretchy soft material- The material is not your “spandexy” feel. It is super soft to the touch while still being form-fitting. You can see the “softness” up close- it has a distinctly different appearance than other tops.
  • Length- GOOD GOD. I cannot tell you how much I hate buying “long line sports bras” that try and pass for crop tops. They’re always. too. short. This is advertised as a crop tank, and it definitely wears like one. I have an average sized torso, and it hit me about 2-2.5 inches above my belly button. Perfect length for wearing with high waisted pants.
  • Stays put- Didn’t experience any bunching or riding up.

Possible Downsides:

  • Bust Size- I got the 3rd largest size, and it barely has any room upstairs. My ta’s are on the smaller side, so I always use the padding for a nice little lift. I have large-ish lats so I would have been uncomfortable if my boobs were any bigger. I suppose you could take the padding out. I’m not a stranger to “nipping”, and it would probably look fine in the black. Not so sure I could say the same about the other colors.
  • Sticky Fabric- The fabric is a lint magnet. You have to cold wash and line dry, so you don’t get the benefit of throwing it in the dryer and having most of the lint picked up. I anticipate myself having to take a lint roller to this top every time I wear it.

Buy Lululemon Arise Tank

Here’s some photos!



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