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Am I the only one who has been through a million different pre-workouts? Whats awful is that it is virtually impossible to get samples, and the bros over at bodybuilding.com will recommend pretty much anything with a caffeine content over 150mg. I’ll save you the BS, and review the pre-workouts I have tried. This first pre-workout is called Pep Test Bulk from MAN Sports (Side note- Man sports? wtf?!?) There are a couple criteria I think everyone takes into consideration when buying supplements. I’ll run through them all.

  • Flavor Variety– Comes in Sour Batch and Tigers Blood. Tried both, preferred Tigers Blood
  • Mixability– This is the pre-workouts second worst offense. I am not sure if my batch was just old, but there was a layer of sediment at the bottom of every batch after I would mix it up. You pretty much have to vortex the cup to suspend the nasty mystery sand and gulp it before it sinks back down.
  • Flavor Quality- This is the worst offense. Oh goodness. The overall flavor was pretty tolerant, but remember the sediment I mentioned? You end up having to ingest it all in your last couple of sips and it tastes like pine sol and citric acid. (K i’ve never actually tried pine sol). Inescapable. Just. Ugh. Gagging thinking about it.
  • Cost– $38.99 for 35 servings. ($1.11 per serving). Out of all the supplements, pre-workout is the one on which I am willing to spend the most money. While $1.11 is a hell of a lot cheaper than the $4.45 my gym charges for a single serving C4, it still feels like a lot to front.
  • Caffeine- 400mg/ scoop! Got DAYUM! This is why I kept coming back. I am definitely on the high end of caffeine intake, but I cap it at 300mg a serving. Since the pre was so potent, I was able to use half or 3/4 scoops which made it last a lot longer.
  • Effect– Another positive. It didn’t give me the full face tingles like C4 tends to. Awesome pumps, good energy, you can definitely feel it hit. Loved the way I felt, and in that respect is one of the best pre’s I have ever taken.


Overall: 5/10

The pumps and energy are awesome, but good god this stuff is disgusting. Finished the whole tub but would not purchase again.

Try your luck…

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.56.03 PM.png

IMG_0503.jpgScreen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.55.47 PM.png


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