[Eats] Garden Brunch Cafe- Nashville

It was the best croissant breakfast sandwich of my life.

I don’t take “the best” title lightly. I also don’t take my breakfast sandwiches lightly. Known as Nashville’s “Premier Brunch Venue”, Garden Brunch Cafe is located on Jefferson St. in the Buena Vista neighborhood in Nashville. The restaurant is unconventional in that it is in a quaint restored home, decorated with vibrant paintings and always bustling with an excited hum in the air. Parking is in the back of the building, on it’s cross street 10th Ave. N., and on the street behind it- Rev Dr. Enoch Jones Blvd. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a spot.

It is the type of place you can’t possibly visit and feel sad. And if the happy environment doesn’t fix your mood, the service sure will. Server sections in the restaurant are generally very small, so you get a lot of attention. They were extremely courteous, addressing us as Sir and Ma’am, had bright smiles on their faces, and checked back in regularly while also anticipating our needs. In spite of being packed to the brim and on an hour wait, the food came fast. When it was time to close out, we did not have to wait a century for our server to bring us our checks.

It is only open Friday-Sunday from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. While I love a true brunch establishment, the limited hours mean that everybody and their mama has to get their fix in a limited window of time! I don’t think there will be a day when the restaurant isn’t on an hour wait. Here’s the kicker- they don’t take reservations. If you show up with a big party, just know it is going to be even harder to seat you. While the no reservations thing seems kind of annoying, I can actually appreciate it. Everyone is in the waiting game together! No one is going to stroll in and walk straight to their table after you have been waiting for 40 minutes.

So how do you beat it? Patience! Make sure you get there at least by 12 so you have plenty of time to eat before the restaurant technically closes. Also, you can order before they run out of anything! Why even go to brunch if you just want to roll up, spend 20 minutes talking to whoever you’re eating with, slam some food, and then roll out? Take advantage of the hour spent together. Walk down to the Red Bicycle in Germantown for a cup of coffee! (Only a 9 min walk!)

They boast unique renditions of Eggs Benedict, seasonal variations of pancake delicacies, and healthy takes on Southern favorites like Fish and Grits and Steak and Eggs. But all I was interested in was the breakfast croissant. An laaaaawd did they deliver. It was more than just good ingredients. It is the technique. They pressed the sandwich like a panini, but with a flat griddle so there were no grill marks and just a smooth buttery crisp on the surface. And they delivered with that healthy promise- they offered turkey bacon at no additional cost! I also appreciated the array of side options. I ordered cheese grits. They are lenient with letting you swap sides. Even a lot of “upscale” restaurants are too cheap to offer you a pancake as a side. Not Garden Brunch Cafe! And did I mention they have some of the most reasonable pricing in Nash?!

I have sent quite a few friends to try their brunch, and everyone has given it raving reviews. Summer is here, so put on a sun dress and a good attitude, grab a couple friends, and enjoy all of the deliciousness Garden Brunch Cafe has to offer.

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My sandwich!!!


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.49.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.48.53 PM.pngIf you can’t find it just remember it is right next to Popeyes!



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